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Teen Talk Radio is a program of Contact Community Services, Syracuse, NY
Contact Community Services

Teen Voices for Good Choices

Teen Talk was a weekly web-based radio show by, for, and about teens. Teens discussed their challenges and choices concerning relationships, school, alcohol and drugs, sex, family life, media and much more. Teen Talk was a program of Contact Community Services.


On Location: Onondaga County Forum on Heroin and Opiates
January 28, 2016: Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction

On Location: Onondaga County Forum on Heroin and Opiates (mp3). In this Teen Talk special report, teen hosts Alice, Amanda, Jaclyn, Maura, and Sarah attend the recent forum held in Syracuse on the local heroin and opiate epidemic. Interview segments include Prevention Network, Crouse Hospital, the Syracuse Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, Onondaga County Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta, and Dr. Ross Sullivan, Director of Medical Toxicology at Upstate University Hospital. For more information on heroin and opiate abuse, visit

A Teen Perspective on the Refugee Crisis
January 19, 2016: Diversity

A Teen Perspective on the Refugee Crisis (mp3). Teen hosts Dana, Dylan, Sarah, Sophia, and Suzy sit down to discuss the ongoing global refugee crisis. Topics include the prevailing notion of fear surrounding the crisis, and Syracuse’s role in settling refugees. For more information on Hopeprint and how you can help resettled refugees, visit .

New Year’s Resolutions for the World
January 8, 2015: Current Events

New Year’s Resolutions for the World (mp3). What’s your New Year’s resolution? Teen Talkers Amanda, Anna, and Noella discuss their ideas on how the world should change and ways that youth can help make that happen.

12 Days of Teen Talk
December 9, 2015: Holidays and Awareness Events

View at YouTube

Happy Holidays to all our Teen Talk listeners! We wrote this song according to what you gave to us and what we gave to you in 2015, as well as some of our wishes for 2016 (hint: #noexcusesnev):

12 raging feminists
11 Donald Trumps (not all gifts are the good kind!)
10 transgender allies
9 mental health shows
8 interesting hobbies
7 alcohol myths
6 safety tips
4 current events
3 stereotypes
2 PSAs
and a show on racial inequality

"The Homestretch" at ArtRage Gallery
November 20, 2015: Holidays and Awareness Events

"The Homestretch" at ArtRage Gallery (mp3). Teen Talk attended a viewing of "The Homestretch" at ArtRage Gallery and spoke to some of the attendees following the film for reactions as well as insight into how the problem of youth homelessness affects Central New York. Teen hosts in this episode: Amanda, Anna, Eva, Noella, and Sophia.

PSA: Transgender Allies
November 20, 2015: PSA Public Service Announcements

How can you be a supportive ally to transgender people?
View at YouTube

Youth Involvement in Politics
November 5, 2015: Current Events

Willa Hahn Youth Involvement in Politics (mp3). Hosts Sarah, Sarah, Cady, Katie, and Alice discuss the reasons why youth seem disinterested in politics, how public figures can better engage youth, and their personal views on the current political scene. Our guest is Willa Hahn, Miss Metropolitan 2016, whose personal platform is youth involvement in politics.

Halloween and Party Safety
October 30, 2015: Holidays and Awareness Events

Halloween and Party Safety (mp3). Hosts Kyla, Santana, and Sophia give tips for having a fun and safe Halloween, including trick-or-treat etiquette and how to handle a party that gets out of hand with drugs or alcohol. Listen to our show, and then go out and have a spook-tacular time!

How Food Affects Your Health – A Preview
October 29, 2015: Health and Body

How Food Affects Your Health – A Preview (mp3). In this episode, Teen Talkers offer a preview of an upcoming show on how different foods can affect your health. After the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that processed meats are now the same category of cancer risk as cigarettes, we react to the news in this lively discussion.

Where is Your Family Tree Planted?
October 22, 2015: Diversity

Our latest PSA challenges you to think about your genealogical roots.
View at YouTube

There will (always) be stereotypes, but the only thing that matters is HOW you face them.
View at YouTube

October 7, 2015: Self-Awareness

Self-Improvement (mp3). In this episode, Yanira, Amanda, and Eva give some tips on self-improvement. Is meditating for you? Maybe it isn’t, but in this podcast you’ll find more information on that as well as other tricks and tips to make you a better person. Teen hosts also share their personal stories of self-improvement.

Current Events – September 2015
September 29, 2015: Current Events

Current Events – September 2015 (mp3). In this show, teen hosts Dana, Mackenzie, Santana, Sophia, and Suzy share their thoughts on current events. Topics discussed include Pope Francis’s visit to the US, the international migrant crisis, and the bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

Suicide in the Media
September 22, 2015: Depression, Suicide, and Mental Health

Suicide in the Media (mp3). In this episode, hosts Sarah, Anna, Alice, Dana and Kyla discuss media’s effect on suicide including how movies portray suicides, improper reporting in the news, copycat suicides and the Werther Effect, and how celebrity suicides help to start the conversation about the issue. Need help? Here are some resources:

Issues Faced by Transgender Youth
September 10, 2015: LGBTQ and Gender

Issues Faced by Transgender Youth (mp3). Hosts Sarah, Dana, and Santana interview Kat, a transgender teen who underwent gender reassignment surgery. Kat shares her personal experience and her concerns for the transgender youth community.

Furthering Our Discussion on Racial Inequality
June 29, 2015: Diversity

Furthering Our Discussion on Racial Inequality (mp3). In this episode of Teen Talk, hosts Robert, Dana, and Kyla continue the discussion on racial inequality with retired Syracuse City Court Judge Langston McKinney. Topics include the recent viral video of excessive police force used on teens in McKinney, Texas, as well as what youth can do to counter racial injustices in our society.
"Evil prevails when good people do nothing. It’s a luxury to take the path of inactivity in the face of injustice."—Langston McKinney

What Teens Need to Know About Financial Aid
June 18, 2015: School and College

What Teens Need to Know About Financial Aid (mp3). Teen hosts Sam, Dylan, Nate, and Sarah talk about the process of applying for financial aid, types of aid that are available, and share their own tips for college-bound students. For more information on the financial aid process, visit

Discovering the Therapeutic Value of Pets
June 15, 2015: Gratitude, Giving, and Volunteering

Discovering the Therapeutic Value of Pets (mp3). Teen hosts Jess, Dylan, Nate, Sarah, and Yanira talk about the numerous benefits that pets can bring into our lives. We discuss how pets can improve your health and ways that pets can help young people avoid or recover from substance abuse. Our guest is Jessica Marabella from PAWS of CNY, Inc. For more information on the services provided by PAWS of CNY or how to volunteer, visit their website, call 315-457-7622, visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Roommates 101
June 4, 2015: School and College

Roommates 101 (mp3). Chances are, at some point in our lives we will likely have at least one roommate. In this episode, teen hosts Jess, Dana, and Sydney discuss their future plans for roommates as well as their fears about living with someone they don’t really know. Our guest is former Teen Talk host Rachel Natoli, who shares her experience with a roommate during her freshman year of college. Teens also discuss how colleges make roommate choices as well as some basic rules for living with a roommate.

Time Management Tips for Teens
May 28, 2015: School and College

Time Management Tips for Teens (mp3). Teen hosts Dana and Kyla talk about the challenges of time management. They discuss the importance of sleep, how we’re affected by feeling overwhelmed, and the need to take quality breaks. They also share their personal time management problems as well as some tried-and-true time management techniques.

Healthy Options for Dealing with Depression
May 26, 2015: Depression, Suicide, and Mental Health

Healthy Options for Dealing with Depression (mp3). Teen hosts Sarah, Kaitlyn, Sarah, and Sydney talk about some of today’s healthy options for treating depression. The discussion includes personal experiences, dietary changes and supplements that might help, and how to create your own toolkit for depression.

Prom 2015
May 19, 2015: School and College

Prom 2015 (mp3). Teen hosts Cady, Dylan, Sarah, Sarah, and Jazzmone discuss trends for the 2015 prom season including "promposals," finding the right dress, safe after-prom activities, and what some schools and organizations are doing for those who can’t afford to go to their prom or have religious objections to these events.

Coping with Anxiety
May 5, 2015: Depression, Suicide, and Mental Health

Coping with Anxiety (mp3). Teen hosts Sam, Brianna, Dana, and Sarah discuss how to challenge negative thoughts, how we are affected by those around us, and tips for coping with anxiety. Our guest is Trina Luttinger, Student Assistance Counselor at Contact Community Services.

The Dangers of Steroids
April 22, 2015: Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction

The Dangers of Steroids (mp3). Hosts Cady and Nate discuss the dangers of steroids including why its use in teens is a big deal, the use of steroids in athletes, and the negative side effects of steroid use. You can view the infographic discussed in this episode at

The Semicolon Project
April 16, 2015: Depression, Suicide, and Mental Health

The Semicolon Project (mp3). To promote the Semicolon Project's awareness day on April 16th, teen hosts Sarah, Dylan, and Jess discuss suicide prevention and mental health. Our guest is Jamel, a young man who shares his story of suicidal thoughts and the support he received during that time in his life.

We encourage our listeners to support the Semicolon Project and use the hashtag #semicolonproject416 to help raise awareness. For more information on this program, visit their Facebook page.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health issues, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or visit their website to get more information or chat online with a trained counselor.

Teen Dating Violence
April 2, 2015: Violence and Crime

Teen Dating Violence (mp3). Teen hosts Jess and Sara discuss the warning signs of dating violence, the influence of the media, tips for safety and ways to get help. Our guest is Tiffany Brec from Vera House.

Kick Butts PSA 2015
March 27, 2015: PSA Public Service Announcements

Is it smoking really rebellious, or are you just falling into Big Tobacco’s trap?
View at YouTube
Kick Butts PSA 2015 (mp3).

Eating Disorders, Nutrition, and Body Positivity
March 13, 2015: Health and Body

Eating Disorders, Nutrition, and Body Positivity (mp3). Teen hosts Sam, Cady, Sarah and Jess discuss eating disorders and good nutrition including eating for health, body positivity, and ways to support someone who is struggling with an eating disorder. Cady shares her personal experience with eating disorders and provides valuable information on getting help and maintaining recovery.

To contact Centre Syracuse, the eating disorders treatment center mentioned in this episode, please call 315-671-2202 or visit their website at

Marijuana 2015
February 25, 2015: PSA Public Service Announcements

PSA: Marijuana 2015 (mp3). Is marijuana a good idea for you?

Does Racial Inequality Still Exist in America?
February 12, 2015: Diversity

Does Racial Inequality Still Exist in America? (mp3). Prompted by recent issues in the news involving race and violence, Teen Talk explores the state of racial inequality in the United States. Hosts Dana, Domy, Kyla, and Yanira discuss this along with how the public thinks about racial issues and how to respectfully disagree with someone whose views oppose your own. Our guest is retired Syracuse City Judge Langston McKinney.

* The views and opinions expressed in this program belong solely to the hosts and guest. They do not reflect the views and opinions of the Teen Talk program or Contact Community Services.

Teen Cancer
January 22, 2015: Health and Body

Teen Cancer (mp3). In this episode of Teen Talk, teen hosts Jess, Cady, and Dylan discuss how to be a support to someone with cancer, preventing cancer and the dangers of online diagnosis, and how to get help for yourself and loved ones. Our guest is Leah Noonan, Program Coordinator at Teens Living with Cancer.

Strange and Interesting Hobbies
January 15, 2015: Self-Awareness

Strange and Interesting Hobbies (mp3). Are you passionate about air guitar? How about LARPing? In this episode, teen hosts Suzy, Brianna, Dylan, and Sydney discuss some of the strange and interesting hobbies they've come across, as well as some pastimes and collections of their own.

Is Feminism Dead, Misunderstood, or Simply Ignored?
December 18, 2014: LGBTQ and Gender

Is Feminism Dead, Misunderstood, or Simply Ignored? (mp3). In this episode, teen hosts Sam, Dana, Domy, Dylan, Sarah Ann, Sarah B, and Suzy discuss the issue of feminism including its history, the issues surrounding it today, and what young people can do to help further the cause. Our guest is Brianna Suslovic, co-director of the International Women’s Rights Collective at Harvard.

Seniors Speak – November/December
December 12, 2014: Seniors Speak

Seniors Speak – November/December (mp3). In this Seniors Speak episode, teen hosts Robert, Amelia and Domy discuss winter activities, the holidays, and preparing for college.

Wellness through Spirituality
December 4, 2014: Self-Awareness

Wellness through Spirituality (mp3). To continue our series on wellness, teen hosts Sara, Cady, Dylan, and Sarah discuss the importance spirtuality plays in our overall well-being. Our guest is Colby Sutter, founder of Seven Miles.

PSAs: Myths associated with Alcohol
December 5, 2014: Public Service Announcements

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